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“How to successfully inspire and motivate change as a leader in your organization.”

When you’re living in turbulent, fast-changing times like today, the only way forward is to innovate. “The way it’s always been done” simply won’t work anymore. However, because so much is changing, if you don’t address your employee needs (as well as the needs of other key players), people can become internally focused on their own personal survival, and resist change.

The harsh reality is that well over 70% of change initiatives, large and small, fail. If you dig deep, the difference between those that succeed and those that fail is the focus on people. The ones that fail focus on the goal alone and try to change people. The ones that succeed engage and lead their people.

This program is focused on providing participants with strategic and tactical information about leading a successful change effort in an organization.  This session has been specifically created to provide participants with tools and frameworks to successfully embrace the challenge of leading and managing change in today’s turbulent times.

Intended For

Managers, Directors, Project Managers, Project team leads, Supervisors and other professionals with strategic and tactical information about leading a successful change effort in an organization. 

Program Dates

Why take this course?

  • To learn that successful Change is about undertaking Change “with” people not “to” people
  • To understand the type of Change you are leading, and whit is required for each
  • To learn how and why you need to address the needs of all key players in Change
  • To understand the Change Journey, and what is required at each of its 5 stages
  • To learn why people resist change, and how to work through this with them
  • To understand the difference between change and innovation
  • To learn how to set effective objectives and why you need to create a compelling future
  • To understand why you need to both lead and manage Change
  • To recognize the 5 major phases in Change for each individual, and how to lead in each phase
  • To explore factors that are associated with success or failure in any Change effort
  • To learn how people systems drive change and to explore the F.E.A.T. People System


Courses can be customized to meet your organization’s specific needs and can be delivered from anywhere in Ontario.


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