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Course Overview

Ontario Police Services are experiencing change within their workforce like never before, making leadership skills more important than ever. DeGroote Executive Education, in collaboration with Senior Police Leaders, has developed a leadership program to equip Senior Police Leaders with the skills they need to manage and lead their teams and make a positive impact in their communities.  

The Police Leadership Program consists of five full learning days:  

  • Module 1: Change Leadership  
  • Module 2: Project Management  
  • Module 3: Conflict Resolution 
  • Module 4: Strategic Thinking  
  • Module 5: Re-shaping Communication Leadership

Upon completion of the five-module program, attendees will receive a Certificate in Police Leadership from McMaster University and the DeGroote School of Business. 

Intended For

Senior Police Leaders and Civilian Managers responsible for coordinating, facilitating, or leading projects and programs will benefit from the Police Services Leadership Program. Course content is tailored specifically for career development. There are no prerequisites, and no application is required to enroll in this program. 

Program Dates

The Curriculum

Module 1: Change Leadership  

This highly participative session will allow participants to better understand and improve how they show up as leaders of change. It focuses on understanding and adjusting the connection between how you think and an assortment of effective and ineffective leader behaviors, particularly as they relate to change and leading/managing others through change. They will learn how their thinking styles affect their ability to develop emotional intelligence, build and manage relationships, communicate up, across and down, deal with stress and time management, resolve conflict, embrace rather than resist change, lead change, and function in groups with varying dynamics. They will have an opportunity to identify areas requiring improvement and begin thinking about practical implementation steps to achieve positive change in these areas. The program will incorporate experiential learning, large and small group dialogue, group exercises, and self-assessment. 

Module 2: Project Management  

Module two of this program will focus on Project Management Essentials and will offer insight into the responsibilities project leaders need to manage while overseeing the many projects in which they face.  Participants will examine project tools, but equally as important, the process of managing projects.  Learners will be provided with a tool kit, which will support the implementation of the training post program. Day two will also include a customized case study that will be designed based on the identified topic that is of interest to the program participants. The case will be designed in advance of the program and discussed in the final component of the session. 

Module 3: Conflict Resolution 

Working with others can be rewarding and challenging. Individuals’ different perspectives and approach can lead to conflict. If managed effectively, conflict can be productive resulting in innovation and growth. 

This module will explore various root causes of conflict, better understanding of different conflict resolution styles and how to manage conflict effectively. Through interactive activities participants will get a better understanding of their own conflict management approach and learn how to respond to different situations based on the conflict and stakeholders. 

Module 4: Strategic Thinking  

Our external environment is becoming more and more unpredictable. An organization’s ability to adapt, respond and lead in our current environment – volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) – requires leaders to elevate their strategic thinking capacity. The complexity of our stakeholder network, as well as the need to balance short-term outcomes with long-term consideration, makes it paramount that leaders and their organizations expand their decision-making scope to see beyond the immediate horizon. In this full day workshop, we will integrate classical strategic management frameworks with foresight tools and practices to expand your leadership capacity. We will engage in scenario planning and strategic planning activities to bring alive theories for today’s dynamic organizational and societal landscape. 

Module 5: Re-imagining Communication Leadership

As each of us works to manage our own varied responses to the “New Normal”, one thing remains constant – many of our best results are created when we effectively engage others and work together to build not just great solutions, but also the critical buy-in to get them executed.  Constant pressure from the work from home world – high levels of ambiguity, moving targets and screen fatigue – all have the potential to interfere with leaders’ abilities to reach others and communicate in ways others can absorb and make actionable. 


Courses can be customized to meet your organization’s specific needs and can be delivered from anywhere in Ontario.

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