Executive Management Program

Executive Management Program

Enhance your leaderships development skills with these engaging and highly-interactive courses that are delivered through virtual learning and in-person sessions.
Custom Programming

Custom Programming

Our custom design process ensures that all program content is relevant to your organization, your corporate culture, and recognizes the opportunities to further develop your team.
Leadership Programing for Organizations

Leadership Programing for Organizations

Our Custom Leadership Programing delivers a customized multi-module program specifically designed for your Organization allowing you to invest in your employees to become more innovative and resilient leaders.
Police Services Leadership Program

Police Services Leadership Program

Two day training program to enable Police Services to successfully lead change and project management.

Upcoming Courses

Essential Leadership Skills for Demanding Workplaces

Feb 8 | Online
This session provides strategies, tools, and frameworks to successfully navigate the new realities of today’s workplace as a leader.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Edge

Feb 23 | Online
Learn how Emotional Intelligence - perceiving, using, understanding and managing emotion - can impact your professional success.

Vital Conversations

Mar 10 | Online
Learn how to enhance your ability and ease to engage in vital conversations, along with the power of engaging others during good times and bad.

Engaging Your Employees

Mar 22 | Online
This virtual and dynamic session is designed to teach professionals, managers and leaders how to ignite and sustain drive in individuals and teams, especially during times of uncertainty.

Developing a Thriving Workplace Culture

Mar 29 | Online
Create an environment where your team looks forward to showing up – or logging in – to work in the morning.

Negotiation Intelligence: Theories and Practice Leading to Impactful Outcomes

Mar 31 | Online
Negotiation is a skill we need for our professional and personal lives. Learn how to be a more influential negotiator and best practices for an optimal outcome in different situations.

Resilience in Leadership

Apr 5 | Online
This virtual and dynamic session is designed for forward thinking leaders who are seeking an understanding of the psychological principles behind, and the tools used to realize team resilience.

Strategic Thinking: Performance with Impact

Apr 7 | Online
Gain a better understanding of the internal and external sources that impact your organization and provide you with the tools to make more strategic decisions for higher performance.

Design Thinking Leadership

Apr 12 | Online
This highly interactive online course will give you the understanding and practical skills to apply the powerful practice of design thinking in your everyday business operation.

Leading and Managing Change During Unstable Times

Apr 20 | Online
Learn how to effectively lead change in your organization with the tools and frameworks to successfully embrace the challenges in today’s workplace.

Establishing Influence and Executive Presence

Apr 22 | Online
Develop your leadership and executive presence so you are cool, calm, and collected in any circumstance and can effectively lead others.

High Impact Strategic Planning

Apr 27 | Online
This interactive course puts the critical pieces of the strategy puzzle together in a way that increases process understanding and the ability to implement a set of proven analytic and design tools.

The Science of Designing and Delivering Powerful Presentations

May 3 | Online
Learn how to build evidence-based strategies for designing and delivering effective and engaging presentations.

Boost My Business Brain!

May 6 | Online
This interactive, online program busts brain myths, provides practical, usable, applied tips, tricks, and tools for how to better operate your own human brain.

The Mindful Leader

May 10 | Online
Through experiential exercises, learn to use mindfulness skills to be a more effective leader by being present-minded and self-aware.

Best Practices in Strategy Execution

May 18 | Online
Your strategic plan is created. What comes next? Take this course to learn the steps you need to take to ensure the plan is implemented.
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