Digital Innovation and Leadership Program

Big data is changing your industry. Get the knowledge and skills you need to take advantage of opportunities and lead change in your organization.

Executive Management Program

Enhance your leaderships skills with these convenient, one-day courses for managers.

Disney Institute

In partnership with the Disney Institute, we offer multiple programs throughout Ontario on leadership, business excellence, and quality service.

Funding Options

Funding options are available for all of our courses. We'll work with you to find one that best suits your needs.

About Us

The product of our work is leadership. We equip leaders with the tools to maximize their ability to impact others; to move beyond past approaches, the result of which will be a dramatic increase in the value they bring to their organizations.

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Upcoming Courses

Establishing an Innovation Culture (Day 2)

Apr 26 | Burlington
This two-day course looks at how the culture of your organization affects innovation...

Fundamentals of Finance for Decision Making

Apr 27 | Burlington
In this one day intensive program, you will learn the fundamentals of finance as it relates to your organization.

Motivating for Results

May 2 | Burlington
This 1 day workshop is designed to teach professionals, managers & leaders how to ignite high levels of sustained energy in individuals.

Strategic Trends in Data Analytics (Day 1)

May 4 | Burlington
This two-day course teaches you about data analytics and becoming a data-driven organization.

Performance Management

May 4 | Burlington
Participants will explore the secrets to high performance and how organizations can drive increased levels of productivity from their staff.

The Mindful Leader

May 9 | Burlington
In this 1 day course, we introduce mindfulness as a mental skill necessary for effective leadership and management roles in modern times.

Strategic Trends in Data Analytics (Day 2)

May 11 | Burlington
This two-day course teaches you about data analytics and becoming a data-driven organization.

Creative and Innovative Problem Solving

May 11 | Burlington
experience new skills in finding, defining and solving problems and opportunities

Best Practices in Strategy Execution

May 16 | Burlington
This course is designed to help participants understand the keys to successful strategy execution, how to manage the execution process.

Coaching Skills for Leaders

May 18 | Burlington
In this one day program, we will define motivational phases, clarify how different communication profiles impact motivation and more.

Influence & Leadership Presence

Jun 1 | Burlington
This 1-day course will teach you the aspects of leadership presence and how to apply them in your organization.
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