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Enhance your leaderships skills with these convenient, one-day courses for managers.

Disney Institute

In partnership with the Disney Institute, we offer multiple programs throughout Ontario on leadership, business excellence, and quality service.

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The product of our work is leadership. We equip leaders with the tools to maximize their ability to impact others; to move beyond past approaches, the result of which will be a dramatic increase in the value they bring to their organizations.

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Upcoming Courses

The Human Side of Organizational Change

Oct 17 | Burlington
This 1-day course will teach you how to factor in human risk, taking into account how to work with employees during change.

Emotional Intelligence For Leaders

Oct 19 | Burlington
This workshop will explore how emotional intelligence gives leaders a competitive advantage in their roles

Fundamentals of Finance For Decision Making

Oct 24 | Burlington
Improve your financial confidence by learning the fundamentals of finance during this one day intensive program.

V.I.P. Leadership

Oct 26 | Burlington
This session will help you analyze your current strengths and weaknesses as a leader, and identify the most appropriate leadership style to

Performance Management

Oct 31 | Burlington
With most organizations focused on increased efficiency and effectiveness, the pressure is on to ensure everyone on the team is contributing

Motivating for Results

Nov 2 | Burlington
In today’s hyper-competitive market, it has become imperative to engage and motivate talent to drive the right results.

High Impact Strategic Planning

Nov 7 | Burlington
This course assembles the pieces of the strategy puzzle to improve the ability of leaders to implement analytic and design tools.

Coaching Skills for Leaders

Nov 9 | Burlington
Managers need to influence the behaviours of everyone around them, otherwise organizations become unmotivated.

Digital Transformation for Competitive Advantage

Nov 13 | Burlington
Participants will be exposed to opportunities and challenges involves in managing information systems in different industries and contexts.

Reputation on Purpose

Nov 14 | Burlington
This one-day course will provide the concepts and principles required to build an authentic organizational identity.

Big Data Leadership – Part 1

Nov 16 | Burlington
A leader's introduction to data analytics and digital transformation.

Marketing Data and Analytics

Nov 20 | Burlington
In this course, we will look at the science behind getting the right message to the right customer at the right time in the right channel.

Strategic Thinking

Nov 21 | Burlington
In today’s constantly evolving world, the ability to think strategically has become a key leadership characteristic.

Data Science for Marketers

Nov 22 | Burlington
Attendees will explore data management and how analytical models can drive improved marketing performance.

Marketing in the Age of Acceleration

Nov 23 | Burlington
This course explores strategies for marketers which focus on maintaining long term vision with adaptability to an ever-changing environment.

The Mindful Leader

Nov 28 | Burlington
Being a leader who is present-minded, self-aware, calm, composed, and tolerant in the face of uncertainty can be a strategic advantage.

Big Data Leadership – Part 2

Nov 28 | Burlington
According to Forbes, 84% of digital transformation programs fail. This course teaches a strategies for leading a digital transformation.

Developing a Thriving Workplace Culture

Nov 30 | Burlington
Developing a Thriving Workplace Culture will empower you to take your workplace culture to a whole new level.

Best Practices in Strategy Execution: Method + Mindset

Dec 5 | Burlington
This course will explore keys to successful strategy execution and how to overcome implementation challenges.

Design Thinking Leadership

Dec 5 | Burlington
Understand and develop practical skills to apply the powerful practice of design thinking in your everyday business operations.

Influence and Leadership Presence

Dec 7 | Burlington
This 1-day course will teach you the aspects of leadership presence and how to apply them in your organization.
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