DeGroote School of Business

Paul Snowdon

Assistant Professor, Strategic Management

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Dr. Snowdon brings over 25 years of professional experience as an engineer, change agent, and entrepreneur into the classroom. His extensive project experience ranges across a variety of industries including government, financial services, technology, and manufacturing. As a global consultant, his client work has taken him to the UK, France, Belgium, Germany, Poland, US, and the UAE. As a result, he brings a unique perspective on how strategic management is applied in practice, both locally and abroad.

The central theme of Dr. Snowdon’s work is understanding how to build capacity in individuals, teams, and organizations to achieve strategic goals. His doctoral thesis examined how individuals pursue goals when the path forward is uncertain, and it was recognized by the European Doctoral Programs Association in Management and Business Administration (EDAMBA) as one of the top ten in Europe in 2020. Dr. Snowdon’s more recent research explores how constructs such as trust, empathy, and psychological safety are built (or destroyed) in AI enabled teams. Insights from this research will help leaders better navigate the digital transformations that are already underway in this Fourth Industrial Revolution.