DeGroote School of Business

Upcoming Courses

Essential Leadership Skills | March 22-23 2023

This session has been created to provide participants with strategies, tools, and frameworks to successfully navigate, as a leader, the new realities of today’s workplace.

Emotional Intelligence Edge | March 29-30 2023

Tap into the power of emotional intelligence to lead with confidence, increase resilience, and reduce stress.

Resilience in Leadership | April 14 2023

This in-person and dynamic session is designed for forward-thinking leaders who are seeking an understanding of the psychological principles behind, and the practical and proven tools used, to realize team resilience.

Vital Conversations | April 19 2023

Learn how to enhance your ability and ease to engage in Vital Conversations.

Leading and Managing Change | May 2-3 2023

Effectively leading change in your organization starts with knowing the importance of leading the people side of Change, while simultaneously managing the process side of Change.

Design Thinking Leadership | May 9-10 2023

This course is for anyone that wants to build a deeper understanding of what Design Thinking is, how it is applied, and how to plan and lead.

Establishing Influence and Leadership Presence | May 19 2023

Join Dr. Brynn in-person to understand the science behind how people really make decisions, are influenced, and can be persuaded.

Elevating Strategic Thinking for Sustainable Performance | May 25

Our external environment is becoming more and more unpredictable. An organization’s ability to adapt, respond and lead in our current environment – volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) – requires leaders to elevate their strategic thinking capacity.

Negotiation Intelligence | June 1-2 2023

This course will focus on the principles of negotiation, identify the best method and platform to engage in a negotiation, and best practices for an optimal outcome in different situations.

Boost My Business Brain! | June 9 2023

This in-person interactive course busts brain myths, provides practical, usable, applied tips, tricks, and tools for how to better operate your own human brain.

Custom Programs

Learn more about customizing one of our courses to meet your organization’s specific needs.

Customized courses can be delivered at your location or the Ron Joyce Centre.