Digital Innovation and Leadership Program

Big data is changing your industry. Get the knowledge and skills you need to take advantage of opportunities and lead change in your organization.

Executive Management Program

Enhance your leaderships skills with these convenient, one-day courses for managers.

Disney Institute

In partnership with the Disney Institute, we offer multiple programs throughout Ontario on leadership, business excellence, and quality service.

Strategic Management in Niagara

Give your company a competitive advantage by changing its approach to strategy. A three-day course at the 13th Street Winery in St. Catharines.

About Us

The product of our work is leadership. We equip leaders with the tools to maximize their ability to impact others; to move beyond past approaches, the result of which will be a dramatic increase in the value they bring to their organizations.

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Upcoming Courses

Disney’s Approach to Employee Engagement

Sep 20 | Mississauga
Explore training strategies which ensure employees are confident in their roles.

High Impact Strategic Planning

Oct 18 | Burlington
This course puts the critical pieces of the strategy puzzle together in a straightforward way.

Emotional Intelligence For Leaders

Oct 20 | Burlington
This fast paced workshop will explore how emotional intelligence gives leaders a competitive advantage in their roles.

Leadership in Healthcare

Oct 20 | Burlington
Part of the VITAL Healthcare Leadership Program

Fundamentals of Finance for Decision Making

Oct 25 | Burlington
In this one day intensive program, you will learn the fundamentals of finance as it relates to your organization.

Coaching Skills for Leaders

Oct 27 | Burlington
In this one day program, we will define motivational phases, clarify how different communication profiles impact motivation and more.

Creative Thinking and Innovation

Oct 27 | Burlington
Part of the VITAL Healthcare Leadership Program

The Human Side of Organizational Change

Nov 1 | Burlington
You will have the opportunity to practice using diagnostic tools that measure and manage human change dynamics in your organization.

V.I.P. Leadership

Nov 3 | Burlington
This session helps participants to understand that their primary job in any organization is to create value for stakeholders, employees...

Managing Change Simulation

Nov 3 | Burlington
A Change simulation that takes you from analysis to planning and implementation, the experience delivers the essentials of a year-long chang

Leveraging Information Systems for Strategic Succes – Day 1

Nov 7 | Burlington
Gain insights into how Information Systems can create a strong competitive advantage for your organization.

Motivating for Results

Nov 8 | Burlington
This 1 day workshop is designed to teach professionals, managers & leaders how to ignite high levels of sustained energy in individuals.

Performance Management

Nov 10 | Burlington
Participants will explore the secrets to high performance and how organizations can drive increased levels of productivity from their staff.

Crucial Collaborations

Nov 10 | Burlington
Learn about your personal leadership style and how it impacts others.

Leveraging Information Systems for Strategic Success – Day 2

Nov 15 | Burlington
Gain insights into how Information Systems can create a strong competitive advantage for your organization.

Creative and Innovative Problem Solving: An Introduction to Design Thinking

Nov 17 | Burlington
experience new skills in finding, defining and solving problems and opportunities

Leading with Emotional Intelligence

Nov 17 | Burlington
Learn about your personal leadership style and how it impacts others.

The Mindful Leader

Nov 22 | Burlington
In this 1 day course, we introduce mindfulness as a mental skill necessary for effective leadership and management roles in modern times.

Supporting a Culture of Innovation

Nov 24 | Burlington
This workshop will help you identify the key ingredients required to make your workplace innovative, and equips you with the skill necessary

Developing a Thriving Workplace Culture

Dec 1 | Burlington
This 1 day course teaches you how to create an environment where your team looks forward to coming to work in the morning – the kind of plac

Best Practices in Strategy Execution: Method & Mindset

Dec 6 | Burlington
This course is designed to help participants understand the keys to successful strategy execution, how to manage the execution process...

Influence & Leadership Presence

Dec 8 | Burlington
This 1-day course will teach you the aspects of leadership presence and how to apply them in your organization. You will learn how people ar
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