Vital Conversations

The Power of Engaging Others during Good Times and Bad

Learn how to enhance your ability and ease to engage in Vital Conversations.

Why take this course?

Vital Conversations will support and challenge you to explore:

  • Who am I as the Communicator – what is working and what do I need to shift to engage most effectively?
  • Effective engagement of Others – how can we align goals, build mutual tactics and strategies for success and commit to action?
  • Why there can be a Gap between Intentions and Impact.
  • How to enhance your ability and ease to engage in Vital Conversations – conducting Goal Focused conversations in Real Time, which are strengthened by inviting and offering Effective Feedback, so that you can stay on track and increase mutual respect and motivation to work together and achieve great results.

Course Overview

As each of us works to manage our own varied responses to the “New Normal”, one thing remains constant – many of our best results are created when we effectively engage others and work together to build not just great solutions, but also the critical buy-in to get them executed.

Constant pressure from the WFH world – high levels of ambiguity, moving targets and screen fatigue – all have the potential to interfere with leaders’ abilities to reach others and communicate in ways others can absorb and make actionable.

Effective engagement requires us to step back and recognize the impact of those pressures on both our own style and message and on those we seek to engage.

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Facilitator Information

Jenny Howe is a highly skilled Executive Coach and Facilitator who has for the past 20 years specialized in working with leaders at all levels in an organization to fully develop their potential in areas of transformational leadership, effective communication, strategic envisioning, succession planning and resilience.

For six years, Jenny held the position of Head Coach at the Niagara Institute. She is a Senior Associate Coach with Performance Coaching and works in the Executive Leadership Program at Smith School of Business at Queen’s, she is also an Associate Coach at CCL and leads programs at DeGroote School of Business. She has worked with many C Suite Leaders as they achieve powerful results, both on a professional and personal level. Jenny has recently completed a Master’s Degree in Global Change Leadership at Oxford University’s Said School of Business and at the international business school, HEC Paris.

As an ICF accredited coach and recipient of the Prism award for excellence in coaching, Jenny’s approach reflects her passion for people, lifelong learning and humour. Her style is both warm and candid – seeking to highlight key insights which support immediate pragmatic actions. She complements all she does with her own commitment to ongoing personal development and is a keen lifelong learner.

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  • Who Should Attend?

    • Leaders and managers who want to improve critical or difficult conversations with employees, teams and colleagues.
    • Employees who want to increase their ability and confidence to conduct vital conversations effectively.
  • Testimonial

    I would recommend people take this course if they want to learn how to provide feedback (good or bad) in a way that will help the sender feel confident and will help the receiver feel more comfortable.

    Steve Sears
    McMaster University

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