V.I.P. Leadership

Your primary job in any organization is to create value.Manager leading a team meeting

This interactive session builds upon the experience of participants as professionals or managers and establishes a firm foundation from which participants can continue to advance their own development.

Through discussions, self-assessment and group work, participants answer key questions such as:

  • Why do people do what they do?
  • How do I adapt my style to match the situation?
  • How do I increase the performance of individuals and groups?

Recognizing that the behaviour of leader sets the tone for those that he/she is leading, this workshop provides participants with the skills and knowledge required to “lead for peak performance”.

The purpose of this session is to assist participants in understanding that their primary job in any organization is to create value; create value for stakeholders, employees and especially those who are served by the enterprise.

This session will help you analyze your current strengths and weaknesses as a leader, and identify the most appropriate leadership style to get more results through your everyday efforts.

Sid Ridgley, CSP

Sid Ridgley, is an enterprise development professional and advisor who provides insights, guidance and practical tips & hints to leaders in their pursuit of creating...
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