The Science of Designing and Delivering Powerful Presentations

Evidence-based strategies for designing and delivering effective and engaging presentations.

Whether you are training staff, pitching a proposal, or marketing to potential clients, understanding how to enhance your message for focus, clarity, and engagement will help your audience retain information for the long-term.

Why take this course?

The three areas in which you will improve your presentation skills are:

  1. Give you the tools to build structure into your presentations
  2. Identify effective visuals and put them into practice
  3. Complete your presentation with effective delivery methods to motivate a call to action

Course Overview

Part 1 – Structure, Story and Message

  • Take a guided tour of the architecture of the mind with a cognitive scientist to guide the development of presentation design
  • Learn how to scaffold ideas, theories and concepts to build a story framework
  • Enter PowerPoint from a position of strength to efficiently use your time

Part 2 – Multimedia Design Principles for Effective Slide Design

  • Explore the science behind the essential multimedia principles of slide design
  • Learn about accessibility considerations to be compliant with AODA standards for digital communication
  • Build slides that connect intelligently and emotionally with the audience for long-term retention

Part 3 – Rehearsal and Delivery

  • Apply key memory techniques to own the narration
  • Understand the importance of elaborative rehearsal for a natural delivery that inspires and connects
  • Choreograph body language for a strong presence that signals confidence and credibility

Culminating on the delivery of a complete POWERFUL presentation. Win a prize for top place!

  • Real-Time application of skills learned throughout the workshop to solidify your understanding
  • Analyze before and after improvements in structure, visuals and delivery of presentations to evoke higher-level critical thinking
  • Solve hands on activities with diverse group members to broaden your perspective
  • Receive a customized report on your presentation with scores from judges so that you can make informed improvements of your future presentations

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This course can be customized to your organization’s needs and can be delivered online, onsite or at the Ron Joyce Centre in Burlington.  For more information, click here.

Facilitators’ Information

Dr. Joe Kim is an Associate Professor in Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour at McMaster University. He coordinates the innovative MacIntroPsych program (, directs the Education and Cognition Lab ( and organizes the annual McMaster Symposium on Education & Cognition ( His research interests include multimedia learning principles and evidence-based approaches to education and training. Follow him on Twitter @ProfJoeKim

Paulina Rzeczkowska is a digital media specialist. She applies her unique interdisciplinary background in neuroscience (Master of Science) and commercial photography to photo, video, web design, eLearning, and presentation consulting projects. She was a key member of the development team for the pioneering online web modules used in the MacIntroPsych program and continues her role as a course developer for McMaster University’s online undergraduate science courses. Paulina creates aesthetically salient, functional designs for visual communication, that are artistically creative and informed by science.

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  • Who Should Attend?

    This program is suited for professionals who want a solid foundation to deliver effective keynotes, pitches and inspire effective and efficient communication throughout their organization.

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