Establishing Influence and Executive Presence

Develop Your Interpersonal Influence and Leadership Presence with Others.

In this frontier course, you will learn the science behind how people really make decisions, are influenced, and can be persuaded. You will learn the principles of persuasion, pre-suasion, influence, and gaining non-coercive compliance (getting people to want to do what you want them to); as well as the ‘science of influential self-presentation’ for impactful impression creation, interpersonal authority, and establishing leadership presence.

Why take this course?

  • Learn how people really make decisions, are persuaded and influenced
  • Learn the six principles of persuasion, and how to apply them in all you do
  • Learn the new science of influence, and how you can apply it at work and in life
  • Learn the ‘science of influential self-presentation’ for conveying leadership, mastery, authority and expertise

Course overview

Successfully making a favorable impression, getting people to believe in you and your ideas, or establishing your influence, requires getting others’ subconscious brain on-side. Winning their subconscious brain means establishing a meaningful, impressive connection with others so they may like you, trust you, and hopefully comply with you.

In this course, you will discover groundbreaking insights from emerging brain sciences on how others perceive you and all the information you present to them. Surprising facts? Others aren’t using the conscious, logical, rational, language-centers of their brains as we assume they are. Instead their brain prefers to work on subconscious, social, emotional, circumstantial, contextual and image-based cues to make decisions about you, your ideas, your agenda, and your influence over them. To improve your leadership and influence, you must understand how their brain is truly processing all the information and impressions you present.

Dispelling some of the common myths and exciting audiences with new and neat brain facts, Dr. Brynn ‘unravels the brain like an onion’ to reveal her ‘6 brainscience secrets’ for increasing your influence and persuasiveness by getting to the core of human interpersonal decision-making, influence-creation, and impression-crafting, so you may develop your leadership, presence, influence, and persuasiveness with others – at work and in life.

Online Program Highlights:

  • Insights are practical, usable, real & applied
  • This is an entertaining, business-propagating way to deliver professional development, self-education, and skill-enhancement


This course can be customized to your organization’s needs and can be delivered online, onsite or at the Ron Joyce Centre in Burlington.  For more information, For more information, click here.

Facilitator Information

Currently ranked in the top 3 in the world for human behavior experts in business, Dr. Brynn Winegard is a multiple award-winning Professor, Professional Speaker, and Expert in ‘business-brain’ sciences.

After a decade in corporate marketing and an ongoing career as a Professor of Business, today, Dr. Brynn can be found year-round on stages and screens all over the world departing frontier insights from brainscience that will be sure to please you and help elevate your daily business. When Dr. Brynn isn’t speaking to groups like ours, she is a regularly featured expert commentator in television, radio, and print – having appeared hundreds of times on the airwaves of broadcast networks across North America.

Dr. Brynn has recently presented her findings to the world’s top organizations – Google, Coca-Cola, Toyota, General Reinsurance, The Gates Foundation, Novartis, Nestle, RBC, TD, USAA, Franklin Templeton, AIG, Fidelity, Avery, Georgia Pacific just to name a few, among hundreds more…. and now us!

For even more on Dr. Brynn, her research, writing, instructional videos, and appearances please visit:

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  • Who Should Attend?

    • Mid to executive level managers who want to further develop their team development skill-set.
  • Testimonial

    Dr. Brynn is the best. This is my second course with her and I am very impressed with her ability to present, engage everyone, and knowledge.

    Natalia Ferreira, Director, Industry Products
    Insurance Bureau of Canada




  • The Setting

    Classes are held at the:

    DeGroote School of Business
    Ron Joyce Centre
    4350 South Service Road
    Burlington, ON
    L7L 5R8

    The Ron Joyce Centre is easily accessible from the QEW and Go train service.

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