DeGroote Women's Spotlight Series
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The DeGroote Women’s Spotlight Series presents:
Supporting Women – Building Corporate Cultures for Women to Thrive

October 9th, 2019
1:00 – 4:30 pm

The Tallest Poppy Syndrome (TPS) occurs when women’s success, growth and achievement are undermined at work.  This phenomenon affects mental health, self-confidence, teams and organizational success.  Click HERE for an Infographic that outlines TPS research.

Join Dr. Rumeet Billan to learn:

  • What prevents us from creating workplaces for women to flourish
  • To recognize harmful actions and words that fuel TPS
  • How to create and shape professional interactions, cultures and communities that embrace successful and high-achieving women
  • To identify and prepare actionable steps and strategies that target TPS



Essential Leadership Skills

Wednesday, October 12

Learn how to become a trusted leader and develop your own leadership style.

Negotiation Intelligence: Theories and Practice Leading to Impactful Outcomes

Thursday, October 20

This course will focus on the principles of negotiation, identify the best method and platform to engage in a negotiation, and best practices for an optimal outcome in different situations.

Establishing Influence and Executive Presence

Friday, October 28

Develop your leadership and executive presence so you are cool, calm, and collected in any circumstance and effectively lead others.
In-person @ Ron Joyce Centre, Burlington, Ontario

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