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Data Analytics and Storytelling

"Go beyond reporting by using data to enable better decisions through storytelling"

Understanding how to derive valuable insights from data and deliver them in a way that has impact.

Why take this course?

Through participation and practice, participants will:

  • Discover how to find insights hidden in data
  • Learn how to craft stories from data
  • Understand how to tailor these stories to different audiences
  • Know how to choose the right visualization to support the story

Course overview

Data has been described as the new ‘oil’ or more appropriately the new ‘fuel’ to help organizations make better decisions. There remains a gap between reporting on data and communicating insights and ideas born of data. The goal of this course is to teach participants how to make data usable and more effective by understanding your audience and choosing the right story to enable effective decision making. Leveraging data to drive business success.

 By the end of this workshop, participants will:

  • Understand the shifts that have brought on our new need to leverage data
  • Recognize the different sources of data
  • Know the basics of data science
  • Recognize the different types of questions that analytics can help to answer
  • Learn the different types of data visualizations and when to use them
  • Learn an approach to structuring and delivering impactful stories
  • Build some use cases for your business
  • Put what you have learned into practice


If you have any questions about this course or registration, please submit us a question to discuss your development needs.

Who Should Register

Mid- to senior level managers looking to better understand data science and how to craft stories from data.


This course can be customized to your organization's needs and delivered at your location or the Ron Joyce Centre.

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