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November, 2018

Line of people smiling along a table.
In today’s hyper-competitive market, it has become imperative to engage and motivate talent to drive the right results.
Group of People Working Together at a Table
This course assembles the pieces of the strategy puzzle to improve the ability of leaders to implement analytic and design tools.
Managers need to influence the behaviours of everyone around them, otherwise organizations become unmotivated.

Reputation on Purpose

Nov 14, 2018
This one-day course will provide the concepts and principles required to build an authentic organizational identity.
Group of People Working Together at a Table

Strategic Thinking

Nov 21, 2018
In today’s constantly evolving world, the ability to think strategically has become a key leadership characteristic.

The Mindful Leader

Nov 28, 2018
Being a leader who is present-minded, self-aware, calm, composed, and tolerant in the face of uncertainty can be a strategic advantage.

Performance Management

Nov 29, 2018
With most organizations focused on increased efficiency and effectiveness, the pressure is on to ensure everyone on the team is contributing
Developing a Thriving Workplace Culture will empower you to take your workplace culture to a whole new level.
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