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This course is for anyone that wants to build a deeper understanding of what Design Thinking is, how it is applied, and how to lead.
Group working together
Learn how Emotional Intelligence - perceiving, using, understanding and managing emotion - can impact your professional success.
Take this course if you want to learn how to become a more influential negotiator.
Office Meeting
This session provides strategies, tools, and frameworks to successfully navigate the new realities of today’s workplace as a leader.
This course will give you evidence-based strategies for designing and delivering effective and engaging presentations.
Calm Women Outside

The Mindful Leader

Nov 18, 2020
Through experiential exercises, learn to use mindfulness skills to be a more effective leader by being present-minded and self-aware.
Gain a better understanding of the internal and external sources that impact your organization and provide you with the tools to make more s
Make strategic decisions with greater impact on your organization’s performance
Learn how to create an organization dedicated to achieving key goals with increased potential for handling the future.
Person using a pen, tablet, and laptop.
Your strategic plan is created. What comes next? Take this course to learn the steps you need to take to ensure the plan is implemented.
People in a laid back break room at work.
Learn how to create a culture where your team looks forward to showing up or logging in to work in the morning - the kind of place others wa
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