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Your strategic plan is created. What comes next? Take this course to learn the steps you need to take to ensure the plan is implemented.
Develop your leadership and executive presence so you are cool, calm, and collected in any circumstance and can effectively lead others.
Learn how Emotional Intelligence - perceiving, using, understanding and managing emotion - can impact your professional success.
Organizations that anticipate future possibilities will outperform those that are forever reacting to events they can’t control. Learn how to become a more anticipant organization.
This program will help you become a more insightful systems thinker. You will learn to appreciate how you are surrounded by systems and their connectivity.

Vital Conversations

Mar 10, 2022
Learn how to enhance your ability and ease to engage in vital conversations, along with the power of engaging others during good times and bad.
Negotiation is a skill we need for our professional and personal lives. Learn how to be a more influential negotiator and best practices for an optimal outcome in different situations.
This course will explore the mindsets, contexts, capacities, and strategic actions that can help you re-imagine your organization’s position in the face of ongoing disruptions.
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