Executive Summary

I have the great privilege to be an instructor, a student, and the Director of Executive Education at the DeGroote School of Business. We focus on a transformational approach to learning — something I truly believe in. We want to ensure that professionals who take our programs have the toolkit necessary to implement what they have learned.

The bottom line is we are always evolving and growing and the courses we take assist with our career pursuits or they are to develop knowledge that goes with personal passion. Whether it is for degree credit, personal credentials or simply to sharpen up skills and add to our knowledge base, setting aside time every year for professional development is key to professional success.

At DeGroote we have created an environment where academic leaders and industry practitioners bring the best of their knowledge to the executive education classroom; presented in an instructional design that makes our offerings immediately valuable to you. Our instructors are consultants as well as educators and this consultative style adds impact to your engagement with them. You will find that you develop a new network as well; a network of like-minded people who can draw on each other long after the class is finished.

— Paul K. Bates
Director of Executive Education 

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