Dr. Alex Sévigny

Dr. Alex Sévigny is an associate professor of communications and communication management in the department of communication studies and multimedia at McMaster University. He co-founded the Communication Studies Program there in 2001 and was tenured in 2006 at the age of 32.

He is currently executive director of the McMaster Communication Metrics Lab (COMM-Lab); and is the founding editor-in-chief of the new Journal of Professional Communication. He has been an active researcher and teacher in the fields of French linguistics, cognitive science, Indigenous studies, communications, public relations theory, and media measurement. He has co-authored two popular communications textbooks and a dictionary of the Mikmaq language.

Alex maintains a consulting practice alongside his work at the university through which he has worked as a senior advisor to politicians, not-for-profits and media research firms. He is a sought after public speaker in the areas of social media, communication theory and political and governmental communication. He has been the director of communications for two political campaigns, both of them successful: one provincial and the other federal.

An avid blogger and user of many forms of social media, his current research focus is on two projects: First, co-writing Canada’s first national survey of public relations practice (“Understanding Public Relations in Canada”, Oxford University Press), and second, a book outlining his own views on the theory, practice and ethics of communication on social media.

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